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Short-term Teams

Build faith, hope, and shared vision in your community by bringing a team to an Arms of Love home. We welcome teams from your church, workplace, friends, or family.

Participation can be tailored to suit your group, but short-term teams typically consist of 5-15 people who work with the project for about one to two weeks. Teams engage in a variety of activities, such as construction, ministry to the children and the staff, evangelistic outreach, ministry with local churches, etc.

Teams pay $40 per person, per day for 3 meals per day and lodging. Extra costs may apply for transportation, construction projects, craft projects, and special activities like outings and parties for the team and kids. When your trip is booked we will send you a list of activities to choose from, with a list of associated costs, to aid in budgeting.

For information about bringing a team to Nicaragua click here. For the Philippines click here. Download our Short-term Teams Training Manual.

For more information, or to reserve your space, please contact us by email.

JR Rund

I came to Nicaragua with a team of 15 people from my church. Within 24 hours after arriving, the children at the home were like 30 of the closest friends I’d ever had. They don’t take any time at all to open their hearts and love on you. The love of Jesus is in every one of those children.

While I was there, I became very sick. While I lay in my bed, one by one the children would come by the window, call my name and peer in to see if I was alright. Later in the day, a group of the children came to pray for me. This is truly love, I thought. My purpose of coming there was to serve them and yet here they were serving me. That alone changed my life.

JR Rund, Vineyard Community Church, Marietta, GA