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Our Children

Welcomed Into Family

When we invite children into our home, we aren’t just putting a roof over their heads: we are welcoming them into our family. The following are just a couple of stories of family life at an Arms of Love home.

In August 2007, one of our boys lost sight in one eye due to an injury, and we learned that he needed a corneal transplant to restore vision to the eye.  On the day of the operation, Janil said he wasn’t scared, but you could sense the uncertainty in him. His house father, Lito, spent the night with him at the hospital. When his bandages came off a few days later, the doctors were astounded that he was able to see almost perfectly

In October 2008, the biological father of several siblings at an Arms of Love home suffered a sudden stroke and passed away.  All the children and staff attended the funeral, and one of the children’s’ houseparents, Tatay Bonnie, conducted the memorial service along with Pastor Ronnie from their local Vineyard church. The Arms of Love staff even gave financial assistance to the surviving relatives, out of their own personal income.

These stories aren’t unusual. They are part of the rhythm of family life at our homes in Nicaragua and the Philippines. Ask any child what has made the biggest difference in his or her life, and nearly every one says the same thing - the love they have experienced as a part of the Arms of Love family.

For every child at Arms of Love, we are the family they depend on. As family, we go beyond the provision of basic need, or financial support: Arms of Love seeks to bless these precious kids with birthday celebrations, the best education, recreational opportunities, and extracurricular activities in much the same way we would for our own biological kids. All of our staff are hired from the local community, so the children’s new family completely reflects their local culture and values. And with one staff person for every 2-3 children, we create a fabric of relationship that is essential for our children to heal from their past.

People often ask us why we provide such a high standard of care for our children.  The answer is simple:  we are family.

Learn about the future we are working towards for our children.

Elizabeth celebrating Luisa's birthdayElizabeth celebrating Luisa's birthday
Susan with Loragin and MirasolSusan with Loragin and Mirasol
Myra with Valeria and EugenioMyra with Valeria and Eugenio