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Our Children

Invited Home

Arms of Love turns tragedy into hope, by providing safe and secure homes where abandoned children can thrive.

Estrellita’s Story

On the night of July 16, 2006, the police picked up a little four-year-old girl in the streets, whose name was Estrellita (“Little Star”).  After an investigation, the local social welfare department determined that Estrellita had no relatives who were able to care for her, and she was brought to our home in Nicaragua.

On her first day at Arms of Love, a local doctor began medical treatment. Her new house parents found her to have a robust appetite and a visible hunger for love.  She immediately started “collecting” the other girl’s dolls and toys to play with, and slowly began to interact with her new siblings.  Before long, Estrellita began calling her new house parents “mom” and “dad,” and a month later she was enrolled in preschool.

When a new child first comes into our Arms of Love family, their most critical need is to feel safe, secure, and protected. Over time, as they receive the love that they have long been lacking, they begin to open up emotionally, and the wounds of their past begin to heal.  With the support of their new house parents, along with our teachers, social workers, and psychologists, they are soon enrolled in school.  Though they are often far behind in their education – and sometimes illiterate – we provide the tutoring and assistance that they need to accelerate in school and catch up to their peers.  Some of our children have achieved the best grades in their classes—and one girl was even voted homecoming queen.

Arms of Love understands “home” to mean a safe, secure, loving, and encouraging environment in which to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The fruit of our ministry is visible in the faces of our kids.

Learn more about the families that live in our homes, and the future we are working towards for our children.

Estrellita March 2007Estrellita when she arrived March 2007
Estrellita August 2009Estrellita, August 2009