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Our Children

Given A Future

As in any family, we want our children to succeed in life, and to be able to support themselves and their own healthy families. Arms of Love is working for our children’s future by providing them the best education that we can.

Jorlinda obtained a two-year college degree in midwifery and launched a career helping moms safely deliver their babies. Pilar has the best grades in her class and aspires to become an international diplomat after attending university.  With his outgoing personality, Juan is obtaining a degree in tourism, and Eduardo is studying to become a practitioner of natural medicine.

Their dreams are as diverse as their personalities and their backgrounds: we will do all we can to prepare our children for adulthood and to help them realize their fullest potential.

For those who want to continue their education, our Independent Living Program grants scholarships to many of the graduates of our children’s homes and provides for a portion of their needs while they attend a local university or trade school and begin to support themselves.

Arms of Love recognizes that “success” has many measures. Not every child has the desire or abilities to pursue a higher education, and success is not measured by their future incomes or careers.  We hope above all that our children pass on the gift of love and care that they have received from their Arms of Love family.

Juan Martinez, Nicaragua
Juan Martinez, Nicaragua

“I will soon begin my third year at the University of Central America where I am studying Tourism. I am involved in the campus ministry where I help lead worship.”

-Juan Martinez, 20, who was abandoned by his mother and never knew his father.

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