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Our Children


  • 120 million children live on the streets
  • 15 million children have been orphaned by AIDS
  • 10 million children are prostitutes
  • 2 million children die each year from treatable diseases

Each of our children has their own personal story to tell, but they all have one thing in common: they have been permanently separated from their parents due to death, abandonment, or abuse, and they have no one else who can care for them. These are the stories of just a few of the children who have been welcomed into our Arms of Love.

… a young boy forced to beg on the streets since he was two years old, and beaten by his mother if he failed to meet his quota.

… a malnourished girl so bloated from starvation, that our doctor administered a pregnancy test

… a pre-teen, raped and made pregnant by her father, who contracted two venereal diseases

… several young brothers thrown in jail, because they had been caught stealing food for their younger abandoned siblings.

… a girl thrown away in a garbage can by her mother when she was only eight days old.

… a boy who's father was murdered, who was then abandoned by his mother and spent years begging on the streets, trying to get enough food to eat.

We wish these tragic stories weren’t real, but they are. Thankfully, the story doesn’t end here. Because of a network of caring and committed people around the world partnering with Arms of Love, each of these kids has been invited into our home, welcomed into family, and a given a solid chance at a future.

Learn more about our homes, the families that fill them, and the future we are working towards for our children.

Juan Daniel Delgadillo Maradiaga
Juan Daniel Maradiaga, Nicaragua

Juan, rescued from an abusive home and barely able to speak, now enjoys school and is improving in his language skills daily…

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Judah Morala
Judah Morala, Philippines

Judah ran away from his abusive father, then spent time in jail for stealing to support his younger siblings after his father abandoned them all. Today, Judah is winning awards at school and playing guitar in church worship services…

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