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Children at Risk Conference

Arms of love created and hosted the Children-at-Risk conference on March 9-10, 2007. It was a strategic and historic event with 7 keynotes and 27 workshops led by front-line advocates who are fighting for the social, economic and personal justice of abused and neglected children—including 13 international leaders.

Conference CDs available for purchase. A 32-disc complete conference CD package can be obtained for a donation of only $49. You can order the CDs by clicking here.

You can download the sessions by right clicking on the links below.


Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn, “Compassion: The Heart of God as the Basis for Ministry” (6.3 mb)
Tri Robinson, “Responding with Compassion” (8.4 mb)
Dr. Bryant Myers, “What’s Going On with the World’s Children?” (10.1 mb)
Bert Waggoner, “How Do We Respond?” (9.7 mb)
Dr. Os Guinness, “A Perfect Storm of Evil – Globalization and its Consequences for Children-at-Risk” (14.6 mb)
Olara Otunnu, “Saving God’s Children from the Scourge of War”* (17.3 mb)
Johan Lukasse, “Mind the Gap”* (18.4 mb)


Professional Track

Ministry to Children-at-Risk in Muslim and Hindu Communities” (8.2 mb) – Noel Isaacs and Alex Chua
The Leaders of Tomorrow” (11.5 mb) – Loudy Posumah
Healing Deep Emotional Trauma” (14.6 mb) – Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn
Caring for Children with Attachment Disorders and Learning Disabilities” (12.1 mb) – Dr. Kaye Lawrence
Understanding the Street Child” (13.4 mb) – Steve Bartel
Developing Family-Based Care Solutions within Local Churches” (9.4 mb) – Phil Aspegren
Restoring the Child” (12.7 mb) – Johan Lukasse
The Transforming Power of the Arts in Ministry to Children-at-Risk” (14.3 mb) – Charlene Melhorn, Elisa Schwab Clewis

Service and Partnering

Shaping the Hearts of our Youth” (13.1 mb) – Glenn Schroeder, Jenna Stepp, Kathy Maskell
Preparing and Sending Effective Short-Term Mission Teams” (13.6 mb) – Bennie Ingraham
International Partnering: Perspectives from Churches in Developing Countries” (14.3 mb) – Panel Discussion with Alex Chua, Damas Kamfwa, Noel Isaacs, Samuel Kisten, Loudy Posumah (Mark Fields, Moderator)
International Partnering: Perspectives from Supporting Churches in the U.S.” (14.3 mb) – Panel Discussion with Janis Balda, Kirk Schauer, Dale Walker, Steve Fish (Mark Fields, Moderator)
Funding Ministries Abroad: Accounting and Accountability” (13.6 mb) – Dan Busby
Assessing our Motivations for Ministry” (13.5 mb) – Dave Scott
Eliminating Boundaries: Partnering for Strength” (12.2 mb) – Doug Engberg, Kirk Schauer
Moving Beyond Shock: Reaching One Child at a Time” (14.7 mb) - Paul Hong-Lang and Jerry Johnson

Global Awareness Track

The Multi-Faceted Impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa” (14.1 mb) – Damas Kamfwa, Kirk Schauer
Infant Mortality: Preventable Deaths and Practical Solutions” (16.7 mb) – Vicki Penwell, Tim Herndon
Girls of the Streets” (12.8 mb) – Sue Leak
Modern Slavery and the Church: What We Can Do to End Exploitation” (14 mb) – Kathy Maskell, Manolo Guillen, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick
Caught in the Crossfire: Children of Domestic Violence” (14 mb) – Samuel Kisten
The Middle East: Restoring Lives in the Midst of Conflict” (10.6 mb) – Munir Kakish
Muslim West Africa: Reaching the Most Vulnerable Among the Unreached” (14.5 mb) – Eric Toumieux

Local Ministry Track

Lifelong Impact: Ending Homelessness Among the Youngest Children” (11.8 mb) – David Mandani
Reaching the Hearts of Abused and Abandoned Teens” (11.8 mb) – Frank Fried
“Secondary Nurturers: Walking With Children Through Life” – Wanda Parker (SORRY, NOT AVAILABLE)
“Foster Care: Opening Our Hearts and Our Homes” – Paul Shrier (SORRY, NOT AVAILABLE)