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Autumn 2015

Articles in this issue:
Compassion + Gerosity x Creativity = An Equation of Love
Q & A with Jessica and Pilar
Giving thanks this holiday season
2015 Christmas Catalog and Matching Gift Grant

Compassion + Gerosity x Creativity = An Equation of Love

The Kolbos with Steph and Rollie in the Philippines

“We’ll never forget the way Rollie and Stephanie greeted us at the airport with arms wide open! We already considered our sponsored kids to be part of our family, and meeting them solidified that. It was quite surreal to hug them after corresponding through letters and pictures.

We did a lot of things during our trip to Arms of Love Philippines — community feeding programs, painting projects, getting shoes for all the kids — but the most meaningful part was just spending time with Rollie and Steph. Steph showed us a scrapbook she made for a school assignment. Half of the pages were photos we had included in letters. It was then we realized we are family to them too, and that our relationships are what truly matter.

We quickly discovered that Rollie is incredibly talented when it comes to sports and music, and he may have a future in comedy — he’s so goofy and has the best giggle. Steph has a precious demeanor. Through much loss and adversity, she has kept such a pure and sweet heart. Our hope for Rollie and Steph is that they will follow and know Jesus all of their days, and have the tools to live an abundant life to the full ("...I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. — John 10:10).” — Carly Kolbo, guest contributor

Carly and Amos Kolbo came soaring into the Arms of Love family in 2012, and they have championed our cause in incredible and unique ways every day since. They began as child sponsors, and then visited as in-country volunteers. They have fostered special relationships with their sponsored children, and blessed our entire Filipino family. Inspired by a colleague, they helped promote child sponsorship with “Compassion Day” — offering free photography shoots for anyone that became a sponsor. What a cool way to generously use their professional talents for good, right?!

Q & A with Jessica and Pilar

Jessica in Nicaragua

Our College Students Value Giving Back

Jessica and Pilar are both in their last year of college in Nicaragua. They are great examples of the hope we carry for our children’s futures. In the midst of university commitments, Jessica and Pilar, who will be our first female graduates in Nicaragua, choose to come home and serve at Arms of Love.

Why do you think it is important to volunteer your time at Arms of Love? I love seeing the younger children grow and connecting with the family that first showed me love and support. It’s important, because as a program participant who’s nearing graduation, I want to be an example to the children. I want them to take full advantage of the opportunities that Arms of Love is providing, and follow the dreams in their hearts. —Jessica ... It’s a way to give back what I’ve received, and a space to share with the kids about what life is like in the Independent Living Program. —Pilar

What is your hope for the younger girls’ lives? For them to grow in faith and live by Christian values, so they’ll be capable of dealing with challenges and reaching meaningful goals. —Jessica ... I want them to understand what a blessing it is to be at Arms of Love and the opportunity that’s being provided for their futures. I hope that they would perform well on college entrance exams so they can have the best higher education options, and be able to follow their dreams. —Pilar

Tell us about your college studies? I am pursuing a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from UNAN. —Jessica ... I’m nearing the completion of my International Relations degree, and I’m also currently in an internship with Nicaragua’s Customs Agency. —Pilar

What are your plans after graduation? Of course I want to work professionally in my field of study, but most importantly I want to help my family and others through medical outreach. And God willing, I hope to support organizations that have assisted me in my development, like Arms of Love and ORPHANetwork. —Jessica ... Well my first hope is to have a job! I also want to continue helping and encouraging the girls at Arms of Love. —Pilar

Giving thanks this holiday season

Volunteer Rylie Craft in Nicaragua

We are grateful for the many members of the Arms of Love family who have used their time, treasure and talents to bless our children and communities.

As we give thanksgiving this season, we would like to share a few stories:

*Filipino program graduate Mary Gel has demonstrated her desire to give back, using her employment income to send money home to Arms of Love Philippines for a family celebration.

*By committing a portion of his revenue and referrals, volunteer/ donor/part-time employee Geoff Cowles has used his real estate business to provide resource for Arms of Love.

*Using her special abilities, volunteer/sponsor Rylie Craft has provided brilliant photography and much needed videography content for Arms of Love. She has invested her heart into Heather’s House (our Nicaraguan girl’s home).

*Reynaldo and Rowena Coloma, local business entrepreneurs in the Philippines, recently chose to support Arms of Love. Instead of birthday gifts, Rowena encouraged friends and clients to donate, and the Coloma’s presented the gifts to our children’s home. Community involvement warms our hearts!

*Recent Nicaraguan college graduate Juan Martinez, another example of Independent Living Program success, is stepping fully into the coffee business, where he’s also shown a desire to give back, having previously used coffee proceeds to help provide for the Arms of Love soccer team. We’re so proud of our graduate!

Is there a creative way you could use your business to bless our children and communities? There are many ways to contribute, the only limitation, is your imagination! How can you make a difference?

*In-kind gifts *Pro bono services *Leveraging business relationships *Bake/craft sales *Host an advocate event ... every little bit helps!

2015 Christmas Catalog and Matching Gift Grant

2015 Alternative Gift Catalog

UPDATE: Our matching grant is now up to $10k!


Included with our autumn newsletter was a special Christmas catalog. As you look through these alternative gift ideas, and get a scope of our work and needs, please also pray for the children, staff, communities, and supporters of Arms of Love. We are so grateful for your steadfast backing, and may the Lord bless your family this Christmas season!

As the world’s pressure continues to focus on material bliss, it is good to reflect on the real reason for the season, and place our focus on a higher calling.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.” — Philippians 4:8

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