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Our volunteers include individuals with special training as teachers, counselors, and contractors, as well as those who simply want to come and love the kids. We have volunteer opportunities for ministry, academic tutoring, repair and construction on our facilities, and help with daily chores. No matter what you do in life, you are able to make an impact on these children. Just by sharing your life, by sharing your self with them, you will make a difference.

So whether you have a week or even a month to give, download our Volunteer Application Form and get started today. A basic knowledge of Spanish is necessary for most Nicaragua applicants. English is widely spoken in the Philippines so no special language skills are necessary. References and an interview are required. The cost is $40 per day up to a maximum of $400 per month.

For more information on costs and requirements, contact us by email.

If you are interested in sending a short-term team from your church or other group, click here.  If you would like to serve as an advocate for our children in your church or other setting, click here.