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About Us

How We Work

No parent to guide them
No parent to love them
No one to celebrate their accomplishments
No one to soothe their pain

There are an estimated 100,000,000 orphaned or abandoned children who live or work on the streets of the world. What will our response be?

Our Mission

The mission of Arms of Love is to give abandoned and abused children a home, a family, and a future so they will become the leaders of tomorrow in their churches and in their communities.

A Home

By the time they come to us, our children share one thing in common—they have nowhere to live and no one to care for them. No one. Arms of Love rescues the most desperate children and provides a place of comfort and security that they may always call home.

A Family

In order for our kids to feel like family, local Christian couples serve as parents in each home. Our house parents have a special capacity for loving children, so essential for restoring lives.

Typically, our families are large! To help raise between 8-12 children, our house parents are helped by support staff skilled in teaching, social work, and psychology. 

A Future

Arms of Love is committed to giving our children a future: to helping them develop into confident and productive members of their communities, healthy in mind, body, and spirit. By providing education, vocational training, Christian discipleship, and the development of other life skills in the context of a loving family environment, we’re opening doors to future success.

Relationships: what links our Arms of Love together

Arms of Love is a ministry built on relationships. We are not a foundation that merely provides funding for projects, nor are we a giant organization burdened by infrastructure that exists apart from the ministries we sponsor. We work within a network of relationships that includes our children’s homes, local churches in Nicaragua and the Philippines, and partner churches, businesses and individuals who provide financial support and other resources.

Read more about our vision and values.

Read more about Compassion, Justice and Mercy, the kingdom principles that underlie our philosophy of ministry, in an article written by our founder.

Incorporated in 1999, Arms of Love International is a section 501(c)(3) public charity based in the United States. A partner organization, Arms of Love U.K., was registered with the Charity Commission in England in 2002.

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